Rueben Construction Inc. was founded by Devon Boudreau out of a desire to fill a void he saw in the current construction industry. After proudly serving the Canadian Forces he naturally migrated into the industry he grew up in. One thing that was quite apparent to him was the large lack of pride in workmanship found these days. Providing a quality service for a fair price is becoming more and more a thing of the past. It doesn’t need to be that way and we are here to change that. By educating our customers on the best practices, procedures and materials to be used and how certain products work better together we know that we can always achieve the best desired outcome for all parties involved and we can proudly stand behind our work.

Rueben Excavation Inc.

Rueben Excavation Inc. was founded by Devon Boudreau and Jesse Evans. After working together for years in the industry they decided that together their obsessive attention to detail and love for dirt work could be put to better use by serving the excavation industry on their own. They have created a culture where the words “that’s good enough” do not exist. To most people moving dirt may seem like a simple task, to them it is a work of art they take pride in. Both Jesse and Devon take great pride in solving their customers problems. Whether that be replacing a collapsed sewer line, solving waterproofing or drainage problems or digging a simple service trench, you can rest assured it will be done to the highest standards.

Excellence and Professionalism

“Doing the right thing… Even when no one is looking” isn’t just some catchy tag line, we live by it. A large portion of what we do is correcting problems caused by poor workmanship or simply people not caring enough to do things right. We always ensure that our team goes above and beyond to do things how they are meant to be done! That being said no one is perfect, and mistakes happen. The difference is we always stand by that saying and correct our own mistakes. We use them as teaching points, for us and our team. We warranty everything we do because we were raised to know that your word and your name are truly the only two things no one can take from you, and to us that means something.